Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Looking Fabulous Dr. Hedden-style!

For years, Dr. Hedden has helped me stay as young and fabulous as possible and because of him I can still claim to be 29 and people actually believe it! lol My lips, my skin....all Dr. Hedden! With all of the crazy shows on television, plastic surgery can be viewed in a negative light when extreme and excessive, but I have never had a problem sharing the fact that I do have a little help...it's really no different than changing your natural hair color! Dr. Hedden provides the means to look younger, feel more fabulous, increase your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself and who you are--and that's a plus for me! As long as I have Dr. Hedden, I don't plan on celebrating anything other than my "29th" birthday for quite a while! lol He's the best there is guys!
Dr. Hedden has also recently opened Spa Greystone...the most fabulous spa I have seen to date!--just check out the pics! I had the privilege of getting a personal tour and believe me when I say it is AMAZING! The Relaxation Room will blow you away! If you need a day of rest, relaxation and self-fulfillment, you have to check out this place!!!!! The view is worth the visit! Thanks again for all you do Dr. Hedden and for making us all look fabulous! www.heddenmd.com
Special thanks to my good friend Dr. Hedden at Hedden Plastic Surgery for such a wonderful article on his website at www.heddenmd.com and to Scott Burks for writing such a great article about me and the show! (see link to article below)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Wedding Fit for Royalty

This past weekend on August 27, 2011, I had the opportunity to finally do a wedding that I have been waiting 14 years to do!--my amazing longtime friend Karis Lamb of the notorious Lamb Family Violin Ensemble. I will never forget the first wedding I did with Karis and her family 14 years ago and her coming up to me and informing me that one day, I too would be creating her wedding....this past weekend that came true! Karis looked just as amazing as I had imagined and I was determined to give her the wedding she has always wanted...the color red and roses, roses, and more roses! Roses by the thousands! And tulips too of course--her two favorite flowers! This girl and her family have always been so special to me and it was my turn to repay that favor. To see details, you will have to check out Episode 5 of my upcoming show on Food Network! Meanwhile, I must tell you, the wedding turned out amazing for one of the most amazing people I know! It was a wedding fit for a queen!

Special thanks to my amazing crew for their hard work and dedication in making this the wedding I wanted it to be for Karis! Special thanks to Katherine Fugate, Sara Sharp and Paige for their much appreciated help and for hanging with me until the end--even if that meant no sleep! We did it! And Karis, you deserve it all! Congratulations Karis and Caleb!~

No Business Like Show Business

Filming a reality show has been crazier than I would have ever expected! I have been on countless radio shows, tv shows and in addition to filming the show have had amazing fun filming show promos and even lengthy interviews in my own home. Despite the long hours and hard work, I have to admit that I am having the time of my life and I have no intention of not making the most of this amazing opportunity! I will continue to do it as long as I have the opportunity to do it!!!! What a crazy ride!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lights, Cameras, Action!

So excited about this upcoming week! It gets crazier by the minute! Tuesday, my cast and crew will be shooting the intro to the show which is going to be an amazing animated opening...wait until you see it! Off the chain! On Wednesday and Thursday I am doing a photo shoot at Hotel Capstone and then will begin filming for Episode 5 of the show which will feature the wedding of Tuscaloosa's Karis Lamb from the famous Lamb Family Violin Ensemble. And then it's off to New Orleans for some much needed relaxation and fun!

Friday, August 19, 2011

And so it begins!


This has by far been the craziest year of my life and career to date! With a new website comes so many new opportunities and dreams coming true! I am embarking on a brand new journey on a brand new road--and even though I have no idea what's around the corner, I am gonna keep on keeping on!!!

I am so proud of my new site thanks to the amazing Amy Baggett of Cahaba Creative (www.cahabacreative.com)! Who would have ever thought that that same scared boy who did his first wedding when he was 18 would one day be filming his own series on a major network with some of the most amazing people I have ever had the opportunity of meeting! What a crazy ride it has been through the years and what a crazy ride it still promises to be. I wanted the first posting to my blog to say a BIG FABULOUS "thank you" to all of my friends, family and those who have supported me over the years! I wouldn't be here without you all and I hope to make you all proud!

Special thanks to my cast and staff (shown above)....Jonathon Fendley, Peyton Johnson, Barb Sullivan...and those not shown...my amazing friend and manager Travis Mackey, personal assistant Amanda Mayfield, media goddess Candace White, the super-talented Glenn Mitchell and the gorgeous Brooke Herrin! Thanks so much for choosing to tag along on this amazing trip with me! And a great big special thanks to my parents (Dad, I know you have had something to do with all of this!) for supporting me more than anyone else...for letting me fall so I could learn to pick myself up and be stronger, but helping me back up when I needed you!

And now, it's time to show the rest of the world that just because you are from Alabama, doesn't mean you can't be FABULOUS! I am fastening my seat belt and hanging on! Look out big wide world, here I come!